Alumni / A3iE

The Alumni Website

The IIE/ENSIIE Engineer Association(A3IE) brings together all engineering graduates from the Institution. Its role is to promote IIE/ENSIIE graduates, to maintain continuous relations between members and to contribute towards the dynamism of an information network between students, the institution and businesses.

This Association is a member of the French National Council of Engineers and Scientists (CNISF) and widely distributes a listing of IIE/ENSIIE graduates.

The A3IE conducts each year a « new graduate » survey and updates the listing of graduate engineers in terms of initial training, continuous education or apprenticeship.

The alumni association has some 2950 graduate members so far.

Some initiatives led by the A3IE

  • Welcoming freshmen
  • Professional presentation evening for students
  • Supporting students in seeking placements or first employment
  • Annual survey on the employment of New Graduates
  • Meetings between alumni
  • Themed parties


President : Jérôme Gautier (promotion 1986)

Assistant : Christine Arioli

Contact : 01 69 36 74 92