Become or continue
to be an active partner of our Institution

Participate in Institution governance

Presence of companies on the Board of Directors and Strategic Committee

Contribute towards training our engineering students

- Taught modules : 125 external service providers (in 2010) of which 82 come from commerce

- Business conferences : themed professions presentations

- Company or factory or visits

Participate in and lead workshops : cv and interviews

Sponsor promotions :

Placements : 11 months of placements preparing student integration to business world. Placement offers may be submitted on our ENSIIE website which is part of the placeOjeunes network.

Forum Horizons informatiques sets up meetings between engineering students and recruiters.

Participate in monitoring and supporting dissertation projects :

Companies can benefit from the skills of an employee and prepare for high livel recruitment

Promote apprenticeship :

We train 20 apprentices each year in partnership with CFA EVE

Join the foundation for F2ie IT Engineering :

In order to promote French engineering and support ENSIIE development.

This list is not exhaustive and the company may provide other forms of cooperation, better adapted to the profession or organisation. This list is not contractually binding, and the company may choose, in agreement with the Institution, the forms of cooperation which appear to be the best suited for it.

Accords de partenariats :