ENSIIE is a member of a franco-brazilian cooperation program in the field of engineering education : the France/Brazil program « BRAFITEC ».

This cooperation is established with three Brazilian schools.
The students have the opportunity to make one or two semesters in one of these schools to complete their education in computer science. They can also benefit from the expertise of researchers from these schools to do internships and in-depth studies on subjects related to networks and « Cloud Computing ».

The three universitites concerned are UFC, UNICAMP and UNESP.


The Department of Informatics of the Federal University of Ceara (UFC)

Federal University of Ceara comprises three campuses. The department of Informatics is located on the Campus do Pici in Fortaleza, the fifth largest city in Brazil. It has 8 laboratories for research and teaching and a total of 200 computers.

Testimony of Melanie Dumon :

« I did my third year internship at UFC Brazil.
I worked on an optimization problem in cloud computing. Arriving in a new country is often difficult and integration takes time. But thanks to the help of my sponsor, everything went perfectly well and very quickly.
Brazilians have a great sense of hospitality and are eager to share and learn from other cultures. This trip has really brought the cultural mix that I wanted. Indeed, this experience was tinged with the colors of the world (Germany, Peru, Spain, Finland, United States, Mexico, Portugal, Bulgaria, South Korea, Colombia, Canada ...).

I want to thank my school ENSIIE to offer to students, eager to learn about other cultures, the possibility of an experience like this. »

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