Partnership isMans / Canada

The cooperation established with ISMANS enables students to obtain the Master of International Management by Project.

It is itself a cooperation between ISMANS and the University of Québec in Outaouais (UQO) in Hull, Gatineau, Quebec. It also allows students to obtain the Degree in Project Management (UQO).

The Master aims to prepare and train young graduates in the human management of businesses in a international creative and innovative environnement.

The curriculum is a binational training with three parts :

  1. One in France, for a period of four months, which will be more specifically addressed the managerial aspect and the international context innovation and creativity. It takes place in Paris.
  2. The other in Canada, for a period of five months, the student will be trained for management, operational and project implementation skills business. It takes place at the University of Quebec. 
  3. The last part consists of 5 months international business internship that gives rise to the development of a thesis defended in front of a board of examiners (both ENSIIE-ISMANS).

Thesis subjects are for examples : « Change management : the resistance to change » or « Human Dimension and Project Management : the identification of risks associated with human factors management of a project allows to minimize the risk of project failure ? »

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