Karlsruhe University has a lot of faculties. The IT faculty is known for being one of the best in Germany. Most of courses are taught in German and a few in English. ENSIIE students can also follow courses in mathematics or economics faculties. In IT, catalog courses and seminars is very wide. Students follow courses during the first semester and they undertake a diplomarbeit (research placement) during the second semester, generally in one of the many (27) research teams of the IT department institutes.

The University is located in the heart of Karlsruhe, which is a student city, and is very dynamic. The atmosphere is rather cosmopolitan.

This cooperation is an Erasmus agreement which is designed especially for students.

Examples of Diplomarbeit  done by the past

  • Design und Implementierung einer Java API zum synchronisierten Zugriff auf eine XML- Patientenakte mittels SOAP
  • Ein Wrapper-Verfahren zur Merkmalsselektion mit Mutual information angewandt auf ein musikalisches Klassifications-problem
  • DICOM - Auswertung der geometrischen Informationen für die 3D-Visualisierung

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