Partnership with Aston University

ENSIIE has signed an exchange agreement with Aston University for the MSc in IT Project Management.

Aston University and its campus are at the heart of Birmingham, the second largest city in the UK and located 200 km north east from London. Students follow training in neurone networking and analysis of data issued by theNCRG (Neural Computing Research Group), which is one of the most influential groups in the neurone networking and digital inference methodology areas.

Education takes place in two stages :

  • A semester of courses
  • Eight months on a research project

The students are then awarded the Master of Science by Research in Pattern Analysis and Neural Network (Master’s Website).

Examples of research project

  • Statistical Models for Rainfall : Data Fusion and the Kalman Filter
  • Real World Image Analysis
  • Spatial Modelling of Cloud
  • Algorithms for Colouring Random Graphs

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