The University of Manchester is one of the best Universities in Europe for IT. Each year it welcomes students from ENSIIE for a full academic year which leads to the award of the dual qualification.

In Manchester, students follow a « Master of Science in Advanced Computer Science » comprising academic study and a dissertation. 

Teaching comprises two themes, divided into three modules, to be selected from those on offer. Modules are divided into four periods of six weeks teachings.

Around February, the research work supervised by a teacher begins. The research project is completed in September, and leads to an evaluation by two independent examiners at Manchester, and is then supported orally at ENSIIE.

The ENSIIE degree is awarded in November.

Examples of research works

  • Volume graphics analysis and realtime interaction
  • Neural networks and hidden Markov chains
  • Hardware and software codesign of data compression algorithms
  • Interactive particle system
  • Fluid flow visualization using the streamball technique
  • Segmentation of a 3D scene
  • Automating surveillance
  • Inductive logic
  • Evaluation of log-periodic prediction model for financial crashes
  • Data compression
  • Neural networks and characters recognition
  • View dependant texture
  • Nurbs surface
  • Encryption algorithms
  • Accurate real time deformable tubes
  • Bayesian inference of evolutionary history

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