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The École Nationale Supérieure d’Informatique pour l’Industrie et l’Entreprise is one of the oldest institutions offering a degree in computer engineering. Since its creation in 1968, almost 3,000 engineers have graduated from this institution.1

The ENSIIE program, with its threefold curriculum on IT, mathematics and business organisation, is valued and recognised within the business world. Our graduates are working in all sectors of economic activity, where IT and communication are a major driver of development and business innovation.

ENSIIE provides diversified and high-quality training that students can follow either on our campuses or on exchange with our academic partners in France and throughout the world. This is complemented by a strong emphasis on workplace experience, with over 11 months of internships and a constant focus on research and innovation.

Admission is based on competitive entrance exams or on qualifications. Students can choose to follow courses in Évry, just south of Paris or, since September 2009, in Strasbourg in the east of France.

The institution offers engineering qualifications forstudents, for workers via block-release training and continued, as well as a choice of complementary qualifications. In 2011, ENSIIE became an Institut TelecomL’Institut Mines-Telecompartner institution which enabled us to offer a wider selection of programs to our students.

Useful and necessary for engineering training, extracurricular activities are strongly encouraged at ENSIIE via around 40 cultural and sporting student societies. Extracurricular activities promote a feeling of camaraderie and cooperation between students which contribute to the development of social competencies and interpersonal skills.

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Ménad Sidahmed, ENSIIE Director

1ENSIIE is a public institution under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, and is a member of the Conférence des Grandes Écoles (CGE). The degree is recognised by the Commission des Titres d’Ingénieurs (CTI).