Apprenticeship Program Admissions

Engineering training in 3 years

Admission is open to holders of a Bachelor of Science Degree : DUT, BTS-ATS, or Licence (L3), aged less than 26.

  • DUT
    • Computer or Computer Engineering
    • Statistics and computer processing of data
    • Telecommunications Engineering and Networks
    • Industrial Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • BTS
    • Management Information
    • Industrial Computing
    major in Computer Science,
    Mathematics or Physics

25 places available


The selection is made after examining the application and interviewing the candidate.

Deadlines to apply  :

23th may 2013


School term and integration week dates will be provided later.

Contact et application

Department of Continuing Education
1 square de la résistance
91025 Evry

Office  : +33 [0] 169 367 317
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