Graduate Survey

Survey into the Salaries and Recruitment Experience of ENSIIE Graduates

2011 Survey

Average salary for ENSIIE graduates upon leaving school : 38,000 euros per year before tax. 90% of engineers found their position through a work placement. 100% of engineers who do not undertake a PhD obtain jobs at a management level.

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Enquête Jeunes diplômes 2014

For the last two years, engineers with a financial background (finance + IT, finance + mathematics) have been increasingly sought after. The institution is well-positioned in this field as it offers a majot in finance – 102 hours in second year and 90 hours in third year – as well as a compulsory module common to all programs which offers an introduction to this field.
Demand for computer engineers with a solid grounding in operational research is also gathering strength ; this is another area the institution covers.

Previous Surveys

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