Student Testimonials

Alumni Profiles

Mathieu Collas (IIE 2005)

Manager at Telaxo

“I formed the business Telaxo at the start of my second year at IIE. Initially specialising in the creation of websites for very small businesses, its activities very quickly focused on the management of websites created internally. Today the company manages half a dozen websites and has two full-time employees. New projects are constantly being developed so we are always in need of new collaborators and we are currently looking for two further staff members. The future is very promising as turnover increased 200% for a second year running, and the first trimester has allowed us to predict a 100% increase for the current financial year. Large European groups have already put their trust in us, and we are currently negotiating on projects for two national television channels.

My studies at IIE, and in particular my third year spent in England, enabled me to develop my interpersonal and people management skills. I use these abilities on a daily basis to manage my business and deal with a wide range of different situations.”

Laure Dingli (IIE 2002)

IT Systems and Network Security Auditor at PricewaterhouseCoopers

« “During my studies at IIE, I made the most of the opportunity to spend my third year abroad at the University of Manchester (UK). There, at a Career Fair where international companies were recruiting graduates, I discovered IT systems auditing. I was attracted by this profession because it offers the opportunity to discover the internal workings of a business via analysis of its network security environment and, in particular, its IT use.

When I returned to Paris, I applied for a job at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) as IT Systems Auditor. Later, I learnt that my application had been accepted thanks to the IT and accounting knowledge I gained at IIE on one hand, and my international experience on the other hand. Since then, I have taken part in various auditing projects, often supporting financial auditors, in various sectors (industry, insurance, customer service…). After spending two years in Paris, I now work for the PwC office in Geneva with a team which is specialised in the industrial and customer service sector.

The variety of fields and projects allows me to improve my business knowledge every day.”

Ludovic Denoyer (IIE 2001)

Lecturer at the Pierre et Marie Curie University

“I have always been attracted to IT research and in particular artificial intelligence. Therefore, upon my arrival at IIE, I wondered if I was going to use my training at this institution to concentrate on aspects of research which are more usually taught at a university than an engineering school. As well as work placements in research laboratories, the institution allowed me to undertake my DEA in Paris alongside my third year of studies which was facilitated by arrangements of my class timetable. Today, I am a lecturer at the Pierre et Marie Curie University (Paris 6) and I focus on automated learning. My job requires me to be regularly in contact with private businesses and I realise that, as well as the theoretical knowledge I acquired at IIE and which allows me to carry out my research, the more practical knowledge that I gained helps me to deal with people and to understand the business world.”

Alain Garnier (IIE 1993)

Associate Director at JAMESPOT

“I fell into IT when I was little ! This passion led me to IIE where I learnt to structure all the experience I had gained ‘on the job’ and transform it into professional principles. I chose the artificial intelligence option for my final degree project, and relatively quickly after leaving school in 1996, I founded a software company, ARISEM, specialising in tools dedicated to economic intelligence and information management (search engines, web crawlers…) which, at the heart of it, are based on artificial intelligence techniques ! I have also stayed in contact with IIE researchers regarding these issues which allows me to stay up to date.

At the start of ARISEM, I was one of two co-founders, and the business grew to almost 100 people. The theoretical grounding that I acquired at IIE regarding business management, and the practical experience gained as vice-president of the junior enterprise project have both been extremely valuable, enabling me to deal with the challenge that is entrepreneurship. After selling ARISEM to THALES, I returned to entrepreneuring, launching the company JAMESPOT in 2005 whose innovation is part-way between software and online project. And as was the case at ARISEM, I would be delighted to welcome IIE interns to the company whose capabilities are often excellent and some of whom have since become colleagues and friends.”

Laure Le Bars (IIE 1987)

Managing Director at SAP Labs Canada and SAP Labs Hungary

“The course at IIE has helped me throughout my career, and still helps today – and it’s already been twenty years ! After my dissertation on operational research, a thesis carried out at the HEC/Polytechnique joint research centre in Montreal, and several years at Dun&Bradstreet Software first as a consultant then as head of development, I joined SAP at the start of 1995 with the intention of forming a development group. SAP Labs Canada is now a 250-strong centre of research and development and an integral part of SAP’s worldwide network of R&D centres. A great adventure, starting from zero, with all the stages of business growth : almost a SME within a large group.

IIE undoubtedly offered me a combination of the technical and business management aspects which allow me to understand the technology, at the same time as managing the everyday challenges as well as the longer-term strategy. And what could be more natural for an IIE graduate than working for a business management software producer ? In May 2005, I founded SAP Labs Hungary which I have managed ever since, with almost 200 members of staff. What’s next ? I don’t know yet, but you can be sure that there is no shortage of ideas.”

Alain Nguyen (IIE 1987)

IT Systems and Technology Management at RENAULT, Head of Business and Logistical Optimisation at the Pôle d’Expertise

“My studies at IIE led me to take an interest in artificial intelligence (AI) and operational research (OR), IIE being one of the very few schools at the time to offer an introduction to these fields. Upon graduating, I specialised in AI and OR before joining RENAULT. My professional trajectory at RENAULT has led to me work on engineering design challenges, before becoming the main contractor on centralised tools for the commercial network sales team, and finally getting involved in the design of planning and scheduling tools for the supply chain.

Today I am responsible for a team of operational research specialists. We work mainly on problems related to the supply chain, from the business forecast two years in advance to the launch of production on the assembly lines. My training at IIE gave me an extensive introduction to the business world (management, organisation, even sociological aspects) in addition to solid technical competency. This introduction was invaluable for internal communication at RENAULT when setting-up advanced, and sometimes temperamental, software.”

Marie-Christine Lambert (IIE 1978)

Global Account Director‚ TOTAL / Atos Origin

“My professional career has been extremely rich and varied. I founded an IT consulting company in California in 1979 which I sold to EDS in 1984. I then took on the management of the Metallurgy and Automobile fields for the Procurement System Division at EDS based in Cleveland, Ohio. In 1988, I returned to Europe with EDS providing management and international support in France, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Germany and Switzerland. In 1992, I joined Siemens to develop their SAP activity in France, Canada and the US. In 1997, I returned to France with Atos to launch their SAP activity. Since 2002, I am a global Corporate Account Director for Total.

My years at IIE gave me a solid basis from which to step into action, thanks to a multidisciplinary knowledge base in technology and management and with a qualification recognised in the US which enabled me to obtain an expert visa and complete my PhD at the University of Irvine in California. I was also given the opportunity to follow the course “leader EDS” ; in particular, the module on sales management by Harward. I am listed in the Who’s Who of American Women and the Who’s Who of emerging leaders in America. I gained the following distinctions : The Medal of Merit from the hand of Ronald Regan and l’Intern’l Distinguished Leadership Award.”