Why choose ENSIIE?

ENSIIE gives students the opportunity to build a career that fits their personnality, whether they are boys or girls.

ENSIIE graduates can choose a job from a wide range of business areas. Optional modules are introduced from the third semester to allow students to prepare their career plan.


Develop a career in the business world where valuing and maximizing the benefits of communication technology is essential.

Succeed, thanks to expertise acquired in fields such as IT systems, software engineering, on-board systems, networks, virtual reality, computational finance, project management and change management.


Develop a career in research and development in a research laboratory : business intelligence, optimisation, finance and modelling and software engineering.


Create your own business. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is the favorite domain for those who have an entrepreneurial outlook. ENSIIE promotes the emergence of these vocations by offering a program for engineer-entrepreneurs and the creation of ground-breaking projects.