ÉVRY : A University Research Centre

Located in close proximity to Paris and Saclay, Évry is an academic teaching, research and innovation centre with teaching and research institutions, modern industries and competitivity clusters.

Teaching and research institutions

Évry Val De Seine University, Télécom Sud Paris, Télécom Management School, ENSIIE, the Centre for Materials at Paris Ecole des Mines and the Genopole with its research laboratories and innovative businesses in genomics.

These institutions constitute today the Évry Vals de Seine Science Centre (PSEVS).

Modern Industries

SNECMA-SAFRAN, , the CNES, or Aerospatial. Several large companies in the tertiary sector also have registered offices at Évry (ACCORD Group, Carrefour).

Competitivity Clusters

The implantation in Paris suburb promotes links with the Universities of Orsay and Versailles Saint-Quentin, Saclay, research centres (CEA, INRIA, CNRS), and many companies located therein. In this regard ENSIIE is a member of the following competitivity clusters : CAPDIGITAL, SYSTEMATICS, OPTICS VALLEY.

ENSIIE and Télécom Sud Paris train approximately 350 engineers in the area of IT and Information and Communication Technology (STIC). Évry University awards over 100 research master’s degrees. This puts Évry amongst the top research and training centres in this sector.


Most of teachers at the Institution are involved in teaching and in research (Senior lecturers or Professors).

This guarantees that our students are greatly acclimatised to research and innovation, are provided with cutting edge teaching and have many opportunities to continue research (Master’s and PhD).

In this regard, initiation to research is a part of the programme :

  • • Several optional courses offered are based on Institution research themes
  • • Students are able to follow, while doing their 3rd year, a research master degree.

Over 25% of students in third year follow a research master degree. And then, some of them continue in PhD. This is a specificity of the Institution.

Teaching staff and researchers are members of institution partner laboratories.