A Master’s degree is the first part of doctoral studies cycle. It allows the student to acquire the basic practical research and develop their creativity and capacity for innovation. The Master research facilitates the registration PhD and allows a career in the fields of innovation and research (academic or industrial).

Students in the third year of ENSIIE can register M2 bi-curriculum. They are then exempt from certain UEs in engineering education, they get the double degree ENSIIE Engineer and Master.

As part of the Master’s degree, students must complete a personal research. This work, supervised by one of the Master Teacher, is in the form of internship 5 or 6 months full time, whether in business or in any of the host of the training labs. For students in dual curriculum this course is common with the third year.


  • Master « Operations Research » » - MPRO 
  • Master « Mathematical Finance » - M2IF
  • Master « Statistical Engineering ang Genomics » - MISG
  • Master « Learning, Information, Content » - MAIC 
  • Master « Design Intelligence Software and & Systems » - MCILS
  • Master «  Virtual Reality and Intelligent Systems » - RVSI 
  • Master « Foundations of Computer Science and Software Engineering » - FIIL
  • Master « DATASCALE » - Datascale
  • Master « Information Processing and Data Exploitation » - TRIED