Teachings over 6 semesters

Teachings last for three years and are full time. Teachings are divided over six semesters. The first three semesters are core courses focused on fundamental scientific and technical training.

Optional courses

Optional modules appear in the fourth semester. These allow engineering students to prepare for their desired career pathway. Optional courses correspond to the institution field of expertise :

  • Decision-based mathematics and Artificial Intelligence
  • Advanced software engineering (information systems, formal aspects)
  • Information systems and networks
  • Commercial organisation and finance
  • Commercial organisation

Engineering students have also the option of studying for their3rd year abroad or following a Dual Qualification.

English is compulsory. Level B2 is required for issue of an engineering degree. A second language is additionally compulsory (German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese...).

Work placements

Three work placements complement training by preparing students to business world :

• At the end of the first year, an 8 week programming placement ; however, this may have a humanitarian nature.

• At the end of the second year, a 10 week placement focusing on analysis and design.

These placements can be undertaken in companies, research laboratories in France or abroad.

At the end of the third year, an engineering project is performed during a 6 month placement. This leads to the student producing a dissertation which must be defended in front of a board of examiners.

This placement may additionally be undertaken in a company, or laboratory in France or abroad.

The 6th semester is dedicated to an engineering project in a company or university laboratory.


Students can spend :

- SIX months abroad in Semester 3 or Semester 4 in partner institutions

- TWELVE months abroad in 3rd year (Semesters 5 and 6) in the framework of the dual qualification programmes with partner institutions.

- follow a dual qualification ENSIIE engineering degree / research based master’s degree in semester 5 in the framework of the institution dual qualification programmes.

- follow a dual qualification ENSIIE engineering degree / Manager with Télécom Management School


A module is a homogenous unit comprising 45.5 hours of classes. From the 5th semester, options comprise two modules (total of 91 hours).

The 6th semester is entirely dedicated to the work placement.

Download details for optional units below.