Continuing Education Program

preparatory training

Semester 1

Over a period of 150 hours, the preparatory training is organized part-time from September to December and aims to :

  • updating knowledge bases mainly in mathematics and computer science ;
  • reviving learning abilities.

Engineer training

Semesters 2,3,4

Culture and methodology engineering(456h)

This section should enable the trainee to acquire the knowledge, skills and methodologies, other than technical, necessary to perform its mission :

The company and its environment

  • Introduction to the general economy and microeconomics of business
  • Development strategies of the company
  • Marketing and commercial organization
  • Industrial Management and Logistics
  • Risks and prevention
  • Financial management and business games

The organization and management of information technology in business

  • The IT department of the company
  • Business law and computer
  • Audit

The responsibilities of the project manager and project management

  • Evolution of human resource management and organizational
  • Human relations in business
  • Managing change everyday
  • IT project manager as a factor of change in the business

The efficacy of the engineer in his work team

  • Psychology and management team
  • Communication and Business
  • Personal approach of work of the engineer
  • It should also have a good command of :
  • Writing and Speaking
  • English (level TOEIC 550)

mathematics (144h)

  • Mathematics of computing :graph theory, mathematical logic, languages ​​and formal systems
  • Statistical methods and tools : probability and statistics, data analysis
  • Operational research

Informatique (600h)

  • Computer Science : architecture, operating systems, information structures, compilation
  • Methodology : information systems, databases, systems engineering
  • Software Engineering : specification and software design, functional programming, logic programming, object-oriented programming, software quality
  • Distributed systems : networks, network security, distributed application models
  • Modeling and evaluation systems : performance evaluation, dependability, modeling of parallel systems
  • Artificial intelligence and expert systems
  • Computer Information Systems
  • Computer networks and systems integration

Semester 5

Final Project, 6 months of full-time work placement