Engineering degree in continuing education

The training mixing work and study aims to : 

- provide knowledge about the economic and social environment of the company,

- provide technical and methodological foundations of computer science, whatever the field of application.

This work-and-study organization allows immediate implementation of new knowledge and methods, conducting activities and participating in projects during the periods in business.

Engineering functions concerned are :

  •  system engineer
  •  network administrator,
  •  database administrator,
  •  architect information systems,
  •  engineer, etc ...

This training covers both the computer industry (production of hardware and software) and user sectors, such as those of industrial and tertiary sector. Large companies, as well as an increasing number of SMEs and SMIs are interested in this training.

Engineering training

It lasts two years and is divided into two periods :
- 18 months of training in continuing education including 1200 hours of theoretical and practical : Thursdays and Fridays, plus 19 weeks of full-time training spread over 18 months
- 5 months of project engineer, full-time business

Partnership with professionals helps to ensure profiles formed the needs of businesses, which are known to play an active role in training their employees to their new function of engineer :
- joint assessment of future engineers ;
- Double school-businesses turoring ;
- projects in business throughout the training ;
- gradual increase of technical, economic and managerial responsabilities.


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