The ENSIIE entrepreneurship has a long experience with annual business creation by our students.

In 2011, a specific sector entrepreneurship has been put in place.

Thus, since 2011 the holders of a student enterprise creation project can spend their 3rd year to develop it.
This sector has been established with Telecom SudParis and Telecom Ecole de Mangement in partenariatat with the tripartite incubator (TSP, TEM, ENSIIE).

The ENSIIE also participates in the « Challenge Undertaking » which is a business creation competition for a period of one week.

Several companies created by students of ENSIIE are incubated it.


  • Jerome Desboeufs received at the Elysee October 31, 2014 ; François Hollande :
    for a new tool to estimate its benefits online. « This simulator will change the lives of many French » F.Hollande
  • French Siliconnection : 
    4 students of the finalists ENSIIE (M H Nguyen, H Tahri)
  • Start-Up European competition :
    2 laureates students
     (R Francez& J Boudoux) with impulse project – Innovact Campus Award (29/30 march 2011)
  • 2nd Innovact Campus Award for VISIBRAIN, a company created by Samuel Coupé (ENSIIE 2010), Jean-Christophe Gatuingt (ENSIIE 2010) et Nicolas Huguenin (ISEP 2009) – Innovact Campus Award (29/30 mars 2011)