Apprenticeship training

Apprenticeship training

The apprenticeship training is a basic training. It is organized in partnership with the "Institut des Techniques d’Ingénieur de l’Industrie d’Ile-de-France" (ITII) and the "Centre de formation des apprentis d'Evry Val d'Essone" (CFA-EVE); through this training the ENSIIE delivers the title of Engineer. The diploma is recognized by the "Commission des Titres d’Ingénieur" (CTI).

The apprentices learn the necessary basic, technical and practical knowledge of a computer science engineer profession.
During the training, the apprentice alternates between his compagny and the ENSIIE. In his compagny, he develops his technical skills on some specific fields, and gain experience. At the ENSIIE, he develops his multi-fonctionality and his adaptability.

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A training with six semesters

The duration of the training  is three alternating years, divided in six semesters. The courses are organized by Teaching Units (or Unité d'enseignement or UE), divided into one or more modules and addressing a specific thematic field. The first four semesters constitute the common part of the training, in which the apprentices learn strong theoretical and scientifics basics on which they can rely in order to build their professional project. The courses address fundamental concepts in mathematics and computer science. Tje apprentices are also introduced to economy, gestion and law knowledge.

During the fifth semester, the students choose among a set of UE in order to specialise themselves into a field that interest them : security, optimization, business organization, system development, ...

The last semester is fully done in the compagny.

In each of the five first semesters, the teaching units give 20 ECTS per semester.

A short alternation

The apprentices at the ENSIIE alternates with the following model : 2 days-3 days. In other words : 2 days in the compagny, 3 days at school, 3 days at the compagny, 2 days at school. They perform tasks related to the fields of the trio "mathematics, computer science, engineering" in order to complete the ENSIIE, to gain more experience and to develop their technical skills in one or more specific fields.

The last semester of the training is fully done in the compagny as a long and final project evaluating the ability of the apprentice to achieve the missions of an engineer.

The work at the compagny is rewarded with 10 ECTS during the five first semesters and 30 ECTS for the last semester.

A strong partnership with the CFA-EVE

The CFA-EVE is our main intermediary on this formation. It manages the contact with the compagnies and, with the website CLOE, helps the ENSIIE, the compagnies ans the apprentices to manage and evaluate the missions of the latter.

In addition, the CFA created the website FOCALIZ to help the apprentices finding apprenticeship contracts related to the ENSIIE training.


Around the ENSIIE training
During their training at the ENSIIE, the apprentices do an international mobility. They may also:

COMPAGNIES : Offer a apprenticeship contract

Fill the recruitment formulary on the tab ESPACE ENTREPRISE on the website of the CFA-EVE by indicating one of the following trainings:

  • Diplôme d'Ingénieur spécialité Informatique-[ENSIIE Apprentissage 1] en 1ère année
  • Diplôme d'Ingénieur spécialité Informatique-[ENSIIE Apprentissage 2] en 2ème année
  • ou Diplôme d'Ingénieur spécialité Informatique-[ENSIIE Apprentissage 3] en 3ème année

Il you need more information about the apprenticeship training of the ENSIIE, feel free to contact us by email at dirfip[at]